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The Armenian Gampr

As our flock and livestock numbers grew so did the predators who began to encroach on our fence lines. We needed to find a way to live harmoniously with the surrounding wildlife while keeping our animals safe. After a morning fox attack, we decided it was time to employ our first Livestock Guardian Dog. We wanted a guardian fierce enough to protect its charges from the higher predator load we experience in rural Ontario but kind and gentle enough to be loved by our children. We have found all of that and more in this breed.

The Armenian Gampr is a rare and ancient native aboriginal landrace livestock & family guardian dog dating back to at least 12,000 BCE. Being a landrace breed, the Gampr is bred for functionality, purpose and temperament. They are a breed rich in history and arguably can be traced back to the cradle of civilization. The Armenian Gampr is unique in that it bonds closely with its charges and its shepherd making them the ideal property, farm and homestead guardian.

Our hobby farm is currently home to 2 Gamprs, who do a fantastic job keeping all of the heartbeats here safe.

We are proud members of the Armenian Gampr Coalition and The Armenian Gampr Club of America and feel incredibly honoured to be a part of breed conservation efforts

Foggy Field

Meet Our Gamprs


Buzz was the first Gampr we added to our team. He is kind, gentle and intuitive. He is a stoic and noble guardian who pays particular attention to aerial predators and does an excellent job keeping our flock safe


Nyx joined our team in 2022. She is an Armenian import and plays a crucial role in the gene pool here in not only Canada but North America. She is clever, loyal and she loves fiercly (especially her children charges) she is a sharp perimeter guardian and is the half that makes our gampr team whole


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