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Meet The Herd


We are Jayson and Alannah and along with our two children, we are the caretakers of Turtle Herd Acres. We are the gate getters, chicken tenders and fence builders. We both work full time off the farm but enjoy working alongside each other growing and learning the ins and outs of animal husbandry and working with the acreage we are so lucky to call home.


Lily is our Quarter Horse mare and one of the founding members of Turtle Herd Acres. She's been with us for more years than we can count and has become a favourite of Jayson's although he would never admit it. She keeps a watchful eye over her pasture pals and is always first to let us know when mischief is a foot.


Eleanor is our miniature donkey and a favourite of anyone who meets her. She is kind, gentle and enjoys being pampered like the princess she is. She was a guide and best friend to our blind horse during her last few years with us. She is by far the best Kijiji ad we have ever come across


Jellybean and Razzle are our resident miniature horses and almost identical. Although difficult to identify from the field they have very different personalities and bring unique qualities to our herd. Jellybean is broke to ride and drive and our hopes is that Razzle will become her future driving partner

Pickle and Sophie, The Two Piggies of Turtle Herd. They bring us an incredible amount of joy with their antics and are always eager for kitchen snacks. They play a crucial role in reducing landfill food waste in our home 

We have a variety of rabbits who live together in a colony. The colony is made up of 3 Flemish Giants, 2 Holland Lops and Cinder- shes a story for another day. Our focus will move to raising Flemish Giants while continuing to enjoy the company of the Lops

Turtle Herd Acres is home to a variety of Poultry and Waterfowl. We take pride in our basket of farm fresh rainbow eggs and plan on expanding our flock of laying hens very soon!


Ace is one of the hardest workers of Turtle Herd Acres. He ensures chickens, horses, pigs and children are always where they belong and is the extra set of hands you need when they're not. He works had and naps hard and is one of our favourite couch potatoes 


Nora was the very first member of what would one day become Turtle Herd Acres. She is a professional sunspot napper and bug catcher; and, although she spends her days nestles on the couch and not the hayloft she is still a vital member of our herd.

home is where your herd is

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