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Hive Five Bee Co. Honey

Turtle Herd Acres is one of the proud homes to Hive Five Bee Co.  a small, locally owned and operated  apiary with multiple bee yards throughout the surrounding area. Hive Five boasts delicious, raw honey- creamed, liquid and flavoured. 

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Pollinators such as Honey Bees play a  crucial role in pollinating billions of plants each year. If you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, thank a Honey Bee. Canadian beekeepers and their Honey Bee colonys play a vital role in pollinating crops to ensure Canadians have access to fresh food.  

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Habitat loss, pesticide use and disease are a few factors that contribute to the loss of Honey Bees. We are happy to do our part to protect not only Honey Bees but other Pollinators as well. We ensure we do not use pesticides or herbicides and plant native wildflowers each spring.

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It takes about 2 million flowers to make approximately  1 lb of honey

Every 3rd mouthful of food is produced by Bees polenating crops

Bees depend on flowering plants in Spring, Summer and Fall. Keep this in mind when selecting flowers and plants for your garden


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We are proud to offer Hive Five bee co. products for sale. Various sized jars and pails are available for pre-order and farm gate pick-up. Please get in touch if you're interested


Save The Bees

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